Photojournalist Wedding Photography: A Hidden Moment

We watch and wait patiently as our fingers hover over our shutter buttons, ready to catch a moment we’re anticipating. Sometime it feels like we know what’s coming next and other times it feels like complete luck that we had the right angle, spotted the moment and took the photo. But it’s not luck. We are constantly searching for those smaller moments, the ones in-between the ‘big ones.’ The moments that can’t be planned or staged and when you look back they speak to you.

This is real. It was not posed and it looks like the real us.

Of course the big moments are important – the exchanging of rings, first kiss etc, but so are the bits in-between. It’s those moments that make each wedding stand out differently from the rest. This photo taken by James, captures a moment where a gust of wind threw the bride’s veil over the groom. It took everyone by surprise and it’s something that I look back on with fond memories. It is our hope that all our couples are able to look back with the same fondness over their photos and be able to see a true reflection of themselves, photographed from a unique viewpoint: a viewpoint of real moments, capturing real people.

This was one of those moments from Kate + Aaron’s Mudbrick Waiheke Island wedding. A perfectly unperfect moment.

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